National Autism Data Registry

Jade Health’s National Autism Data Registry (NADR) is a comprehensive data analysis platform developed in collaboration with a network of applied behavior analysis (ABA) clinics and therapists committed to providing evidence-based care.

What Are the Benefits of Participating in the National Autism Data Registry?

The NADR helps clinics, health systems, and ABA practices measure and improve the quality of the autism care they provide. Participants can improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Standardized Data Collection

Data has the most value for improving care when it is gathered and managed in a uniform manner.

Rate Setting

Clinics use NADR data for rate negotiations, alternative payment models, and value-based care arrangements centered on improving care quality and patient outcomes.


ABA providers and payors benefit from the ability to compare their care metrics to national and international benchmarks.

Our Platform

Dual Reporting

The NADR dashboard provides quarterly and annual data.


The platform offers payor- and provider-focused views.


The NADR aggregates data across process, structure, outcome, and cost/resource use measures.


The platform uses 20 risk factors, enabling meaningful comparisons across providers, with risk adjustment to isolate quality improvement.

The National Autism Data Registry is a secure platform that collects, processes, and structures information on costs, resource use, and outcomes. Founding members include Hopebridge, Acorn Health, Center for Social Dynamics, Proud Moments, JumpStart Autism Center, and Ascend Behavior Partners.

We collect outcome measures across 13 different assessment tools and 4 categories (e.g., severity of autism, norm-referenced assessment of skills, criterion-referenced assessment of skills, quality of life) in alignment with the BHCOE ABA Outcomes Framework™. Participants submit data quarterly, and Jade does the work to make it understandable and accessible.

HIPAA Compliance

To ensure privacy and compliance with HIPAA regulations, all data is processed through a rigorous de-identification procedure employing a non-reversible algorithm in alignment with the Safe Harbor Method. This method guarantees that individual identities are fully protected.

Following this process, the data is aggregated to further reinforce privacy protections before it is securely transferred to the dashboard. These measures affirm our dedication to upholding the highest levels of data privacy and security in strict compliance with regulatory standards.

Data Availability Improves Care Quality

NADR data is based on and includes:

Over 6.25 million direct
treatment hours annually

24 states

16,000 patients

More than 1 million data points

When it comes to improving autism care, the fusion of clinical insight and technical acumen is key.  A distinguished Behavior Analyst and pivotal Product Manager for the National Autism Data Registry (NADR), Melissa Sallustio, M.S., M.ED., BCBA, bridges the gap...

The National Autism Data Registry, More Than Just Data Collection 

Behavior analysts prioritize precise observation and meticulous data analysis to gauge client progress. This data-driven approach empowers refinement of treatment protocols, ensuring meaningful progress for individuals with autism. Technology solutions, such as the National Autism Data Registry (NADR), standardize data collection, facilitating comprehensive analysis for informed organizational level decisions regarding the quality of care provided. Jade Health introduces NADR to scale, offering secure data aggregation, visualization, and benchmarking capabilities. Discover how ABA Providers like Acorn Health benefit from ABA benchmarking initiatives, fueling conversations and improving outcomes.

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