Growth Offerings

Jade Health’s Growth Offerings include Quickstart ABA, The Jade Health Learning Hub, Consulting, & Due Diligence, and Industry Events to support providers and payors.

Quickstart ABA

Setting the Foundation of Excellence

Our Quickstart ABA offering allows providers to establish a solid operational and clinical framework for delivering quality services. Our consultative approach ensures standardization and risk reduction.

  • Needs assessment by Jade Health’s accreditation team.
  • Access to comprehensive templates, guidelines, and best practices.
  • Free workshops and webinars on compliance, clinical effectiveness, and ethical conduct through Jade Health Learning Hub.
  • Regular consultations with ABA experts.
  • Ongoing mentorship and support throughout your journey.

Consulting & Due Diligence

Streamlined due diligence reviews for comprehensive insights.

Jade’s consultants conduct thorough due diligence encompassing financial assessments, HR evaluations, payor contract examinations, and chart audits.

  • Essential support for payor rate negotiations
  • Crucial for practice acquisitions
  • Valuable insights for policy enhancement
  • Analysis-driven recommendations
  • Enhanced organizational performance
  • Mitigation of operational risks

Jade Health Learning Hub

The Jade Health Learning Hub is an online platform that provides insights from experts on trending topics in ABA through continuing education webinars, workshops, and courses. We maintain an online library of on-demand webinars covering crucial topics and the thoughts of industry experts to inform your practice decisions. Content is continually developed and released throughout the year.

Jade is an approved Continuing Education Provider by the Behavioral Intervention Certification Council (BICC), the International Behavior Analysis Organization (IBAO), the Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis Credentialing Board (QABA), and the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

The Jade Health Learning Hub is home to:

  • More than 65 webinars
  • Nearly 40 workshops
  • Over 35 Autism Investor Summit Sessions
  • Behavior Technician Responsive Skills training

Industry Events

Our industry events offer unique opportunities for autism service providers, investors, and key stakeholders to meet for private conversations. Discussions cover the autism services landscape, investment opportunities, best practices, and autism services innovation.

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April 7 – 9 2025

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