Our Offerings

Jade Health offers multiple services, all focused on helping applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy providers and payors interact more efficiently and effectively.


Accreditation demonstrates conformance with the stringent standards essential to delivering high-quality ABA therapy.

National Autism
Data Registry

NADR empowers providers to measure and improve care for patients with autism spectrum disorder.

Accelerated Delegated Credentialing

ADC expedites credentialing, improves access, and increases reimbursements.

Quickstart ABA

Quickstart ABA empowers new ABA service providers to establish robust systems and achieve excellence. Our program offers needs assessments, exclusive resources, consultative guidance, and accreditation preparation. 

Jade Health
Learning Hub

The Jade Health Learning Hub is an online platform that provides insights from experts on trending topics in ABA through continuing education webinars, workshops, and courses.

Industry Events

Our industry events offer unique opportunities for autism service providers, investors, and key stakeholders.