Quickstart ABA

Setting the Foundation of Excellence

Our Quickstart ABA offering allows providers to establish a solid operational and clinical framework for delivering quality services. Our consultative approach ensures standardization and risk reduction.

Key Offerings

  • Needs assessment by Jade Health’s accreditation team.
  • Access to comprehensive templates, guidelines, and best practices.
  • Free workshops and webinars including the Assessment Workshop Series and Business 101 Workshop Series
  • Regular consultations with ABA experts.
  • Ongoing mentorship and support throughout your journey.

Service Breakdown and Features

  • 1:1 Expert Consultation: Personalized support with industry experts, starting with a needs assessment.
  • Standardization of Processes: Access to a robust library of content covering assessments, workplace challenges, business/legal aspects, and DEI.
  • Reduction of Common Risks: Addressing audits, revenue loss, onboarding (patient/employee), supervision, and BT training.

“Quickstart ABA: Elevating Standards for Startup ABA Providers

At Jade Health, we’ve led the way by being the first to offer accreditation in Applied Behavior Analysis through BHCOE Accreditation. Our commitment to quality has given us deep insights into how ABA providers operate. 

Addressing Industry Growth and Challenges

As ABA services grow, the demand for accessible care increases. New providers, especially startups, often need guidance to achieve excellence and eventual accreditation. Our Quickstart ABA program helps these providers by offering support and a structured pathway to high-quality care.

Our Consultative Approach

Quickstart ABA uses a consultative approach to help organizations in their early stages. We assist in building the necessary infrastructure and processes to maintain high standards of care. Unlike full accreditation, our program is tailored to the needs of startups and new providers, setting them up for success. Just like ABA is not “one size fits all’ neither are your needs. Quickstart clients start with an initial assessment so we can help guide to excellence

Comprehensive Support for Startups

Consulting clients with Quickstart ABA receive extensive resources, including:

  • Documentation templates
  • Session notes
  • Treatment plans
  • Supervision and credentialing forms
  • Preference assessments
  • Parent training materials
  • Systems design resources
  • Organizational structure guides
  • Onboarding and offboarding tools
  • Leadership coaching and strategy support

Get Started with Quickstart ABA

With Quickstart ABA, new ABA providers receive a solid foundation to achieve excellence and deliver top-tier care

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