The National Autism Data Registry, More Than Just Data Collection 

April 10, 2024

ABA Benchmarking: Elevating Data Collection and Quality Measures in Behavioral Healthcare

Behavior analysts uphold a commitment to precise observation and meticulous data analysis to gauge their clients’ progress. This data-driven approach empowers them to refine treatment protocols, adapt strategies, and ensure that individuals with autism are achieving favorable outcomes. Many practitioners are embracing technology solutions to streamline their data collection processes and elevate the quality of care delivered in response to the evolving landscape of behavioral healthcare.

National Autism Data Registry: More than Just Data Collection

Among these solutions, The National Autism Data Registry (NADR) is a user-friendly platform that collects, aggregates, and displays data explicitly tailored for Applied Behavior Analysis providers. The NADR offers a suite of features to enhance efficiency and efficacy in data collection and analysis. With seamless integration of crucial assessment data, this software solution empowers providers to make well-informed organizational level decisions to improve the quality of care they provide and patient outcomes based on comprehensive data analysis.The NADR dashboard displays quarterly and annual data, enabling organizations to benchmark their organization against the national benchmark.

Benchmarking for ABA with Security Beyond HIPAA Regulations

Since Jade Health has brought NADR to full market scale, Autism Care Groups rest-assure that their data is secure thanks to rigorous safe-harbor de-identification process and knowledge that NADR goes beyond adherence with HIPAA regulations with patient data. They can then enjoy the benefits of benchmarking against a growing sample of patient populations from groups such as Acorn Health, who had this to say about the initiative in March- “Up until this point, Acorn has been benchmarking against ourselves from overall outcomes and progress perspective . . . by pairing with a couple of other organizations of scale as part of this NADR project, we’ll be able to make some apples-to-apples comparisons with other organizations which I think will continue to fuel this conversation.” – Krista Boe, chief clinical officer, Acorn Health autism business news  


Benchmarking data is crucial for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practitioners to gauge progress and enhance patient care. The National Autism Data Registry (NADR) offers a streamlined platform for ABA providers, facilitating efficient data collection, analysis, and benchmarking. With NADR, practitioners can securely compare their outcomes against others, fostering collaboration and continuous improvement. Backed by Jade Health’s commitment to data security, NADR empowers ABA practitioners to deliver high-quality care while driving positive change in autism treatment. 

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