May 14, 2024

When it comes to improving autism care, the fusion of clinical insight and technical acumen is key.  A distinguished Behavior Analyst and pivotal Product Manager for the National Autism Data Registry (NADR), Melissa Sallustio, M.S., M.ED., BCBA, bridges the gap between these two realms of expertise. 

Melissa began her Jade Health journey in 2021 as a Clinical Evaluator for BHCOE Accreditation. She soon transitioned to the Research and Development department as the Quality Measurement Manager, focusing on our NADR and Jade Health Learning Hub service lines. 

Melissa is a crucial link between the behavioral health community and the technical teams shaping NADR’s tools. Her profound understanding of both realms allows her to effectively communicate the nuanced needs of ABA care providers to data scientists and engineers, thus enhancing the platform’s capabilities.

Mike Germain, CTO of Jade Health, highlights Melissa’s invaluable contributions as a product manager for NADR:

“Melissa’s fluent communication of the nuanced needs of ABA care providers to our data scientists and engineers enhances our platform’s capabilities. Her contributions ensure that NADR remains at the forefront of enhancing the quality of autism care nationwide, a fact that we can all be proud of.”

Reflecting on her role as NADR’s product owner and manager, Melissa is enthusiastic about the registry’s transformative potential in autism care management.

“As the product owner and manager of the National Autism Data Registry (NADR), I’m thrilled to share its potentially transformative impact on autism care management. NADR’s alignment with the CMS Blueprint for Quality Measure Development ensures excellence, while its standardized data collection empowers ABA providers and payors alike. By integrating 20 risk factors and aggregating data across key measures, NADR offers a comprehensive view of care quality, facilitating informed decision-making and driving positive change in the autism care landscape”

Meet with Melissa

Jade Health’s National Autism Data Registry (NADR) is a comprehensive data source developed in collaboration with a network of applied behavior analysis (ABA) clinics and therapists committed to providing evidence-based care. It helps clinics, health systems, and ABA practices measure and improve the quality of the autism care they provide. Schedule a demo of the platform today and learn how it can help your business. 

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