Recognizing World Autism Awareness Day

April 2, 2024

Statement From Anna Bullard, VP of Strategy and Development, at Jade Health on the Importance of Autism Awareness and Advocacy

          World Autism Awareness Day is important in fostering understanding and acceptance for individuals on the autism spectrum. Jade Health continues to focus on creating an inclusive environment by providing services that support increasing access to quality care for autistic individuals and their families. Since I started advocating for my own daughter, Ava, in 2007 we have made many meaningful changes across the US. However, at every turn of our journey I realize how much more work there is to be done. We at Jade Health are committed to continuing to raise awareness, promote inclusivity, combat stigma, and encourage support for the autistic community. It’s crucial to create a world where autistic individuals are valued for their unique perspectives and abilities. We must continue to advocate to ensure we are providing access to tailored healthcare services, post-secondary education, employment opportunities that are essential in empowering autistic individuals to thrive. I am so proud of my daughter Ava who is a Biology major at the University of Georgia and my nephew Daniel who has started to speak for the first time at age 3. To Every autistic individual, you inspire us to do better and to continue to ensure we are including your voice in all that we do.

Anna Bullard

Anna Bullard

VP of Strategy and Development

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